Sound editing/mixing & RTB (Ready to Broadcast) – PEKIN EXPRESS

Soundtrack composition/Sound mixing – #THERAPY

Soundtrack composition –  AKASHA show

Soundtrack composition/mixing – SHORT MOVIES

Trêve Létale Court-métrage
Time for the Grace Court métrage

Soundtrack compositions for corporate movies – HERMES

Original compositions for VR project (Hospital application)

Personal compositions – COSMOSIS ALBUM

Sound illustration – PLANETE ARBORITE (Morning sunrise)

Sound editing/mixing  – Short movies ENSAD PARIS

Music composition/Sound editing & mixing – INTERFERENCES

Sound mixing/Sound design – METIS/METISSE

Music composition/Sound design – Advertising STREET WORKOUT ATHENS

Music composition/Sound editing & mixing/Sound design – VICTORIA VANDERBILT (Ali Madhavi)

VICTORIA VANDERBILT 1.mov_snapshot_00.42

Music composition/Sound mixing/Sound design – MOTOMIYA

Music composition / Sound mixing / Sound design – AURATORIO

Music composition for contemporary dance – TIME for the GRACE

Sound recording/Sound editing & mixing – UN DEMI / GRISAILLE

Sound mixing/Sound design – STATE OF GRACE

Sound mixing/Sound design – LE CHANT DES FUGUEURS

Sound mixing/Sound design – URGENT LANDING

Sound mixing/Sound design – DEEP ROOTS / DANS NOS VEINES

Music composition – D.S.A / NEPAL / AILLEURS SOLIDAIRES

Music composition –  Ratio

Transmedia game soundtrack – FAIRYTELL ME

Audio environment for Android ROM

Original Sound design VR collaborative game – VIRTUAL ROOM – TIME TRAVEL CHAPTER 2

Original music compositions/Binaural beats for hospital application Hypno VR (OCULUS RIFT)

Sound design VR project – BIRDLY (SOMNIACS-ALLIANZ)

Editing/Post-production Adobe Premiere Pro certification