"But by Jove, music is the dream which discards the sails !
It's not even the expression of a feeling, it's the feeling itself! "
Claude Debussy

     I'm an eternal student of the sound world and, after a long, atypic professional career, I've decided to fully devote myself to my passion. I was three when I discovered the joy of keyboard playing on my first child's piano, and since then my passion for music has never stopped growing.

     Learning music theory and harmony have both been self-taught, though I've learned the basics of writing for instruments in a music school. Also my first performances for local electronic organ competitions gave me the will to push my personal work further.

     Later, I began studying music at high school (A3 Arts and Literature) and I started to learn piano and drums. At the same time, I discovered the joy of sound recording and mixing with my grandfather's analog tape recorder, with which I made my first sound experimentations in some Pierre Henry's style, with material and sounds of the everyday life.

     Heartened in this musical way, I decided to learn the basics of MIDI composition alone, through Tracker softwares on Amiga and Atari ST, and I created some "Demos" for alternative developers of that time.

     When I moved to Paris area in the early 90's, I discovered the electronic music environment/culture and I started Djing in several famous Parisian clubs and in rave parties, in parallel with my record business job at USA Imports. This led me to meet the famous electronic Dj and composer Laurent Garnier, as well as Eric Morand who worked at that time for FNAC Music Dance Division. The creation of the independent label F Communications and its musical affinities allowed me to collaborate with several artists and labels.

     Fond of sound synthesis and analog material, my studio grew bigger. I started a sound engineer course at the ESRA (School of Audiovisual Achievements) with success. Thanks to my training courses in audiovisual structures (including La Huit Productions), I've also learned a lot about sound recording, audio editing and various sound mixing techniques, as well as video.

     In parallel with these activities, I've created my own totally electronic music project under the Flood Veyor name, thus refining my personal style, combining intimate and deep atmospheres with "techno" sounds. This led me to collaborate with Laurent Boudic; therefore I composed my first album Mindscapes. My remixes for Laurent's projects got a great success of esteem and my work has been recognized on a larger scale. Then I self-produced my second album Lifelines in 2013, an intimate album in which I deliver more personal tracks, based on my life experience.

     Since 2000, I have significantly expanded my skills. I've done a lot of sound editing and mixing for videos and multimedia, including music for transmedia games, 3D and VR video projects, ads and trailers, websites, shorts, contemporary dance, choreographed soundtrack, and other sound design activities.

     I'm still constantly looking for new sound spaces, projects and collaborations, with a non-restrictive and wide-open mind, at the service of music and vibratory emotions ... My various influences in different ways of artistic expression, and my rich music knowledge push me out of any pigeon-holed repertoire or field of activity.

     Because to me, music is a global vector of emotions, and the best universal language.

          All for music and (e) motions ...


Inspiration comes from so many different things; to me everything can be inspiring ! Music, graphic art, cinema, as well as many other arts - or else.

Behind names of artists, there are also lyricists, sound engineers, musicians and many others ...


It's difficult to mention everyone and everything but in the musical field, my music will speak for them ...


Adeline SPENGLER - Photographer


Aurore DE GOUVILLE - Graphic designer, jewelry creator

Infographie =>

Bijoux =>

Aurore PUPIL - Sound designer

Benoit SANNA - Movie director

Christelle DESANGLES - Cosmic Painter

Christophe FRESSARD - Movie director

Compagnie La Grue Blanche / Maiko VUILLOD - Franco-Japanese and multi-disciplinary art company

Emmanuelle GIBELLO - Music composer, sound designer

Ensemble vocal Zoroastre / Savitri DE ROCHEFORT - Choir and Orchestra, Conductor

Jacques DELOBEL - Graphic designer, 3D animator, creative content maker

Laurent BOUDIC - Music composer, sound designer

Nathalie REAUX / PAGAN POETRY - Voice Coach, Voice Over, Singer, Musician

Stéphanie LOPEZ - Writer, poet, music critic, journalist, singer

Tarinof Dance Company / Maiko HASEGAWA / Mamoru SAKATA - Contemporary dance company

UNSEELIE - Gothic Metal / Electro group

XXII CREATIVE / Yann DE COUESSIN - Digital studio, Virtual Reality Development

Patrick GOUPIL - Magnetic therapist, Reiki practitioner, energetic healer



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